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  • Weight loss surgery : Get back in shape  By : Sarah Wilson
    Focus on all repercussions, procedures, and possible complications attached to your preferred weight loss surgery.
  • Are You Prepare For Liposuction -  By : raaj kavi
    The American Association of Plastic Surgeons recommends that patients undergo a series of physical examinations before the liposuction surgery. The purpose of these exams is to determine whether or not the patient is in good enough health to have the procedure performed, and to rule out any underlying medical issues that may complicate the surgery.
  • Diet Hand book | Dieting Tricks | Weight Loss and Diet Information  By : Josh Green
    There are many different dieting ideas out there in today's market. The amount of different diets can be very discouraging to many people that are in need of a diet plan that works for them. It can be very disheartening to continually have a diet that may work for someone else and when a person tries the diet for themselves it does not work.
  • Diet Hand book | Dieting Tricks | Weight Loss Facts |online diet generator  By : Josh Green
    There are many different dieting ideas out there in today's market. The amount of different diets can be very discouraging to many people that are in need of a diet plan that works for them. It can be very disheartening to continually have a diet that may work for someone else and when a person tries the diet for themselves it does not work.
  • Abdominal Muscle Exercises Reborn  By : Nitin Chhoda
    As a fitness spokesperson, I get asked this question at least once a day, "Which are the best exercises to achieve firm, flat and toned abdominals?" It's not an easy question to address, since there are hundreds of abdominal exercises.
  • Permanent Fat Loss  By : Nitin Chhoda
    "Which is the best exercise to burn fat" is a question that a fitness guru gets asked all the time. As a fitness spokesperson, I must tell the truth - There is no one single exercise that can miraculously stimulate weight loss.
  • Lose the weight you want with convenient meal delivery  By : Jim Mackey
    With such a broad variety of products available and the ability to create your own dinners- it's hard to imagine getting bored with Medifast.
  • Americans and Dieting  By : Jim Mackey
    According to the Centers for Disease Control, 34 percent of adult Americans are obese whereas just 15 percent were in the 1970s. And remember, we’re talking about being obese, not being overweight.
  • A diet plan only a loser could love  By : Jim Mackey
    If the Biggest Loser Meal Plan is more than what you normally spend, it’s up to you to determine whether the pay off of having prepared, measured and nutritionally-sound food delivered to you is worth the extra cash.
  • Diet your way to a longer life?  By : Debra Tan
    Have you ever tried spending thousands of dollars on skincare products in an effort to make your skin look more youthful and luminous, but to be disappointed in the end that nothing works? Perhaps external products are just not sufficient to achieve that aim and we should also focus on our diet for a holistic approach to a more youthful appearance.
  • How does a treadmill help you to lose weight?  By : kuldeep kumar
    So why treadmills are STILL the #1 home exercise machines with shoppers? Because they get results!
    Here are the top 5 ways home treadmill workouts can help you lose weight and get into great shape!
  • Know more about the Atkins weight loss diet  By : Rahul Rana
    The Atkins weight loss diet is based on one simple principle: Your body burns both carbohydrates and fat for calories. If you reduce the amounts of carbohydrates available, it will burn more fat and you will lose weight.
  • Can you lose weight with this miracle cactus?  By : Jim Mackey
    Most individuals agree that Hoodia should be use as a dietary aid, not a quick fix answer to obesity.
  • Why fat free diets do not work at all.  By : Sonukumar
    Most people understand that it is wise to limit the amount of fat grams in their daily diet. The dietary reference intake amount for an adult ranges from 20% to 35% of daily calories; or about 44 to 55 grams per day. Since a single slice of pecan pie carries with it 27 grams of fat, and a mere tablespoon of thousand island salad dressing contains 8 grams of fat it is not surprising to see more and more people checking food labels and “passing over” an order of onion rings as they try to lose,
  • Why did ladies of yore not get fat?  By : G.Entp14
    The fashion of the day was pretty revealing with flimsy material and an Empire line. This is a pretty look if you're slender. But you could expect your dance card to stay unmarked if you looked like a beached whale in a lace curtain.

    10. Love helps

    Of course a bit of love interest in the shape of tall, dark, proud Mr. Darcy helps a girl go off her food a bit too. Now all you need is a dark proud hero of your own!

    Did you find this article useful? For more useful tips and hints, po
  • Know more about the low GI (glycemic index) DIET.  By : Sonu Kumar Garg
    Losing weight is one of the hardest goals Americans annually seek to accomplish. The weight loss industry is huge and incorporates every type of fad diet, pill, cream, and lotion possible. Instead of falling prey to one of these “lose weight quickly” fads, entrust your weight loss into something that will guarantee you results: a low GI diet.
  • weight-loss-survey--why-dieters-fail-to-lose-we  By : grewal
    Why do dieters fail to lose weight
    Current levels of overweight and obesity, together with weight-related disease, have made weight control a major health priority throughout America. Yet statistics indicate that average weight reduction on conventional diets adds up to a mere 5-8 pounds per year
  • Know what you lose by weight loss scams.  By : simmi kang
    There are literally Thousands of weight loss plans and equipment on the market today.

    Some are genuine in their promise of weight loss. Some although sincere in their promise, are flawed in their design. There are others that are blatantly fake.
  • Why one should have weight loss surgery!  By : santa JVA
    Weight loss surgery is fast becoming a very popular way for obese and morbidly obese people to get and keep the weight off. America is the fattest it's ever been and they're even saying there is an "obesity epidemic".
  • Some reasons why my diet is not working!  By : Gaurav Walia
    Have you been on a new diet for a couple of weeks and found that you STILL can't lose weight? Have you actually GAINED a pound or two since you've been on it? Are you just about ready to throw this diet out the window and try something else? Well, hold on a minute. There might be something else going on that's preventing your diet from working.
  • Reduce Epileptic Seizures with an Atkins-based Diet  By : Dave Davies
    The Johns Hopkins School of Medicine Researchers Report describes the astonishing results of a study on how a low carb diet may reduce epileptic seizures
  • Healthy Weight Loss from an Ivy League Medical School  By : Jim Mackey
    Fad diets come and go quickly, but the Duke Diet continues to help people lose weight and live healthy lives year after year.
  • The importance of fiber in your diet  By : Jim Mackey
    It's a shame that one of the easiest ways to lose weight is also one of the healthiest, yet it's ignored by most people. Put more fiber in your diet.
  • Dr. D'Adamo's newest best selling diet  By : Jim Mackey
    In effect, they can reprogram how their internal processes react and thereby, control their health.
  • TV Chef cooks up a thinner waist line  By : Jim Mackey
    In the program, you'll be provided with a customized activity schedule to help you stay active each day.
  • Hollywood's fab 5 diet  By : Jim Mackey
    You may even find that after finishing the 5-week plan, you want to revisit the program regularly to manage your diet and your health.
  • Jillian's mission to keep America fit  By : Jim Mackey
    The last component, attitude, focuses on helping the dieter develop a healthy perspective about food, their emotions and body.
  • Dieting the Mediterranean Way  By : Jim Mackey
    Loyalty to the power foods encourage lifelong health and easy weight maintenance.
  • How diabetics manage their diet  By : Jim Mackey
    Take care to avoid consuming foods that will cause a major rise or drop in your blood sugar level. A regular, healthy lifestyle can be yours even if you're suffering from diabetes.
  • Cheating wins in weight loss game  By : Jim Mackey
    With raised leptin levels, an increased metabolism and the energy from foods in the low and middle ranges of the glycemic index, your body can efficiently burn fat.
  • Amen for this weight loss plan  By : Jim Mackey
    Losing weight is only one component of healthy living. Because the Maker's Diet doesn't emphasize exercise, you should proactively pursue it on your own.
  • Types of Weight Loss Pills  By : Lesley Lyon
    There are a variety of weight loss supplements like fat burners metabolism boosters, appetite suppressants and thyroid supplements. This article discusses various types of weight loss pills currently available in the market and their effectiveness in detail.
  • Weight Loss Exercises: How to Achieve Success  By : Lesley Lyon
    Getting started is the most important thing in weight loss exercise. We can start it anywhere like walking for five minutes in our dwelling place. But, if we are really serious about losing weight we should commit more time to it. Read on to know how to be determined to achieve weight loss goals with proper physical exercises.
  • Balanced Weight Loss Diets  By : Lesley Lyon
    A balanced weight loss diet is the diet that gives all the necessary nutrients. Weight loss diet does not ask you to starve. We should take food to gain energy and keep ourselves active. This article discusses the major compositions of balanced diets for losing weight.
  • Dietary Patterns for Teen Weight Loss  By : Lesley Lyon
    Overweight teens bear the brunt of teasing, social isolation, verbal abuse and emotional torture, which ultimately result in a negative self-image and an inferiority complex. Read on to know how the right dietary patterns will go a long way in maintaining a toned body by teens.
  • How helpful are Surgical Weight Loss Methods  By : Lesley Lyon
    Surgeries for losing weight have been gaining recognition because of the increased number of people being overweight and trying to reduce weight. To help them with the consequences of overweight, surgeries come in handy. This article discusses various types of weight loss surgeries in detail.
  • Effective Herbal Weight Loss Methods  By : Lesley Lyon
    Herbals are most popular dietary supplements. Weight loss can be achieved through a correct diet plan, regular exercise and brisk walk. Herbal products not only help in weight loss but are also good in taste. Read on to learn different varieties of herbal products that help reduce body weight to a great extent.
  • Medicinal Values of Green Tea  By : Lesley Lyon
    Green tea is believed to be in use as a medicine for at least 4000 years in china. Drinking green tea has a whole lot of benefits like fighting against cancer, stabilizing diabetes, helping in weight loss, slowing the ageing process and helping digestion. Read on to know the complete medicinal values of green tea.
  • What makes a low-carb diet work?  By : Jim Mackey
    While the diet is considered healthy, you should consult a nutritionist or dietitian while adopting the diet to ensure your body is receiving everything it needs.
  • Brazilian berry is the newest weight loss miracle  By : Jim Mackey
    In addition, acai contains an assortment of fatty and amino acids that help your muscles regenerate while providing a significant boost of endurance and stamina.
  • Tips from a life-long fitness and weight loss expert  By : Jim Mackey
    If you need to get into shape, explore the Denise Austin weight loss and fitness philosophy. You may find it the perfect solution for getting into shape.
  • Staying in Shape Over 40 - What You Need to Know  By : Ti Megan Hazel
    Turning 40 can be a powerful and transient event even though many women believe that everything starts to change or even fall apart at 40. This doesn't have to be so! Women can stay strong and competitive, healthy and fit well over the age of 40. There may be some changes you need to make, but it is an important time for you to make these changes so that you can continue to stay in shape.
  • The Most Serious Health Concerns for Women and What You Can Do  By : Ti Megan Hazel
    These days, it seems women have more health concerns than ever. Perhaps they are greater in number than ever before or perhaps we are just more aware of women's issues as women are more comfortable having them brought to the forefront.
  • Uncovering The Mystery Of Hoodia  By : Jim Mackey
    Hoodia is a good fit for your lifestyle.
  • Unbiased review about Hoodia  By : Jim Mackey
    As a result of taking the pill, the test volunteers lost several percentage points in body fat and dropped several pounds while reporting no side effects.
  • Popular herbal diet supplement- does it work?  By : Jim Mackey
    If you're looking for a way to lose weight safely that doesn't require you to give up your favorite foods (and do hundreds of sit ups each day), take a moment to discover if Hoodia is the right solution for you.
  • The diet miracle inside Hoodia  By : Jim Mackey
    While Hoodia isn't the right alternative for everyone, it may be a great solution for you.
  • The Benefits of a Diet Patch  By : Jim Mackey
    You may find that the patch is the weight loss solution you've been searching for.
  • Making better use of your slow cooker  By : Jim Mackey
    Use your imagination and you may be surprised by what you can prepare in your crock pot.
  • 21 Day diet sweeping the nation  By : Jim Mackey
    In the end, a proper diet that avoids processed foods and limits saturated fats along with exercise may be the best way to lose weight and remain healthy.
  • Tips to Ensure You Exercise Every Day  By : Ti Stephanie Larkin
    People find many reasons to procrastinate exercising. They range from bad weather, to being busy, to having a cold, to much more creative ones!
  • Look Good, Feel Good-How Exercise Affects Mood  By : Ti Stephanie Larkin
    The benefits of exercise are seemingly limitless. You already know that exercise is good for you physically. Health and fitness experts and professionals laud the physical benefits of regular exercise, which include improved cardiovascular health, increased energy, strength, and lean muscle mass, weight loss and loss of body fat, reduced risk for developing certain diseases, conditions, and disorders, and just generally getting into shape and looking good.
  • A List of Stretches to do before going Jogging  By : Ti Stephanie Larkin
    Many people believe that stretching before jogging is not important enough to include as part of their workout. Others think of jogging as sort of like a warm up for running or other exercises. Both of these assertions are not accurate. One of the more important parts of a regular daily jogging schedule is the time spent in stretching all the muscles that you will be using as you jog.
  • A History of Exercise in America - Popularity and Trends  By : Ti Stephanie Larkin
    In colonial times in America, there was little attention paid to specific exercise movements as we would think of them today. For the most part, life on a daily basis required hard physical labor. The struggling colonists had to work their bodies just to survive. The Plymouth colonists performed physical activity to get crops in, construct houses and buildings, and simply to get around.
  • How to Properly Train for a Marathon  By : Ti Stephanie Larkin
    Most people balk at the idea of running a marathon, usually because they think it is torture and that training will kill them long before it makes them stronger, as the old adage says. However, if you properly train for a marathon, running one can be fun and rewarding for you.
  • Winter Fitness Exercises and Activities  By : Ti Megan Hazel
    This winter season don't let your family hibernate inside. Why not put all that fresh snow to good use? Bundle everyone up and participate in some fun activities the whole family will enjoy. There is no need to sit around and gain that winter time weight.
  • Healthy and Safe Exercises for Children  By : Ti Megan Hazel
    It's important that children get a lot of exercise. While it is easy to keep them occupied with television, DVDs, video games, and a playroom full of toys, it is not always so easy to get them moving. Varying the types of exercises you want the children to do and treating exercise as play time will help get them up in motion. Make sure that the exercises you choose are age appropriate and that safety is always a priority when exercising.
  • Different Sports Work Different Muscle Groups - A Quick List  By : Ti Megan Hazel
    The concept of different sports using different muscle groups seems like an obvious tenet, yet most people do not think about exercising to improve their performance in a particular sport. They are only concerned with practicing the sport. Of course, it is logical to assume that extensive practice of a particular sport will train the needed muscle groups to be in great shape. However, the reverse is not always true.
  • Design your day: How to plan the best home workout for you  By : Ti Megan Hazel
    As 2008 begins, many people decide on New Years Resolutions that include losing weight, getting more exercise and just generally getting their body in better condition. Unfortunately, most of these people will not stay with a program.
  • A Fitness Routine for Six Pak Abs  By : Ti Megan Hazel
    The goal of six pack abs mainly depends upon losing weight by completing exercises that focus on the muscles in the abdominal area. There are literally dozens of such exercises including many that are meant for other major muscle groups, but that can be modified to include a workout for your abdominal muscles. Here are just a few of the major abdominal emphasis exercises.
  • Diabetics have a choice in weight loss programs  By : Jim Mackey
    Both communities are professional, supportive and up-to-date. By joining, you will have access to the solid research that has moved diabetes out of the dark ages and freed people to live more normal lives.
  • Learn if you're a healthy weight of obese  By : Jim Mackey
    Most self-motivated dieters who are taking initiative without the aide of a doctor, have a goal in mind, based on the weight they were when they felt their very best. For those who have never experienced a norm, however, the BMI Index is certainly a valuable tool for determining both current status and future goals.
  • Diet Guru releases newest book  By : Jim Mackey
    Mr. Cruise’s basic position is sound. Additionally, he provides techniques that help you anticipate your body’s request for food, provides solid education concerning food choices and a support system to help you utilize these skills.
  • Well-Rounded Health Means More than Just Working Out!  By : Megan Hazel
    Of course exercise is going to help with weight loss, and so will counting calories. These are hardly "tips" or ground-breaking news. But do you know what else can make you healthier from the inside out?
  • How to Stick to Your New Years' Fitness Resolution  By : Megan Hazel
    We all know what it's like to make a New Year's Resolution with the best of intentions. We start out really positive, really motivated, really strong. No matter what the resolution, though, after about three weeks it just doesn't seem to be at the top of our priority list any longer.
  • How to Push Past Plateau - Busting Through a Tired Routine  By : Megan Hazel
    You have reached that level. You are officially a "gym rat", plodding along every day at a comfortable level, and you are comfortable with your body, too. It is not looking too bad, you are trim, and you fit in your jeans quite well. One day, however, you noticed you actually started to have shape to your muscles - and lines where you didn't have them before! How cool! You are motivated to get to the "next level" … but how to do that?
  • How to Lose Those Last Ten Pounds  By : Megan Hazel
    You have done it! You've lost fifteen pounds over the last six months and you know you are on your way to where you want to be. However (and it's a big “however”!), you can't seem to rid yourself of the last stubborn ten that seems intent on sticking to your thighs and rear end. Your weight loss goal was twenty five pounds, and you know other people have done it-so how do you do it? What is the best way to lose those last, stubborn ten pounds?
  • Getting Back on the Fitness Track after an Injury  By : Megan Hazel
    We all have been there. You're running along, 72 degrees and sunny and you're on your favorite, fresh trail. You glance up at the cloudless sky, grateful to be alive, and BAM! A huge rock crosses your path out of nowhere and you hit it and fall. Your ego is bruised, but worse yet your ankle is a mess. It hurts so badly you have to end your run right then and there and hobble back to your car. Then something else hits you: What if you can't run after this?

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