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  • The Latest Trends In Sandal Fashions  By : Stephanie Larkin
    What will the well-dressed foot be wearing this summer? The hottest new sandal trend for summer 2008 is a throwback to older times. Gladiator sandals, inspired by the strappy cutout and wrap styles worn in ancient times have taken the fashion magazines and runways by storm for the past two years, and this year they explode onto the fashion scene with styles from some of the hottest makers of fashion footwear.
  • Finding Comfortable Sandals - Insights Into Styles, Construction And Durability  By : Stephanie Larkin
    Summer is almost here, and your feet are begging to get out of the winter footwear and into a pair of comfortable sandals. You’ve done all the prep work to make sure your feet look great in sandals: the pedicure, the moisturizing, maybe even an exfoliating scrub.
  • Clogs And Sandals - What’s The Difference For Your Feet  By : Stephanie Larkin
    Some of the latest trends in summer shoes are more than just fashionable; they’re good for your feet. Many individuals feel that summer shoes are notoriously ‘bad’ for your feet.
  • Kicks for kids: What type of sandals, shoes, and boots are best for kids  By : Stephanie Larkin
    UGG Australia has made a name for itself as a maker of fashionable, luxury shoes for the high-end fashion industry, but there is another side to the popular maker of the ultimate in luxury shoes. UGG also makes some of the most distinctive and comfortable shoes, boots and slippers for your kids. If you are looking for the ultimate in pampering for your little one's feet, look no further than UGG's line of kids' kicks.
  • An Overview of Sheepskin and Sheepskin Boots  By : Stephanie Larkin
    UGG boots are made of the finest natural sheepskin, but what exactly does that mean, and how does it benefit the wearer? Why is sheepskin such a perfect material for footwear? Sheepskin is exactly what it sounds like – the tanned hide of a sheep, with wool on one side and skin on the other. In New Zealand and Australia sheepskin has been the material of choice for outerwear, seat coves, baby sleeping pads and footwear for generations.
  • All about UGG Australia - A corporate success story  By : Stephanie Larkin
    With awards that range from "Best New Footwear Brand" to "Charity Event of the Year" UGG Australia, creators of the wildly popular UGG boots are a true corporate success story. Founded in 1978 by an Australian surfer who transplanted himself to California, UGG was originally a brand that featured comfortable shoes. For twenty years, UGG chugged along generating modest but steady sales.
  • The Best Women's Boots for Warm Weather  By : Stephanie Larkin
    Traditionally, boots were made to wear when it was cold or wet outside. They were also worn as work-shoes, because of their durability and dependability. However, as time progressed, more and more people are wearing boots in warm weather.
  • The Trendiest Shoes for the Spring Season  By : Stephanie Larkin
    Spring is here again! If your poor feet have been suffering all winter long, check out some of the latest spring show trends. This fun and comfortable footwear will immediately wipe away the winter blues.
  • The History of the Australian Ugg Boot Company  By : Stephanie Larkin
    The history of Ugg Shoes-Australia correlates with the long tradition of the Australian people depending on heavy duty sheepskin boots for their farming and rugged outdoor activities. For 200 years, Australians referred to their 100% merino sheepskin boots as "ugs", short for "ugly." By the early 1970's, several sheepskin boot manufacturing plants had been constructed around the Australian city of Perth.
  • How to Tell Authentic Ugg Boots from Imitators  By : Stephanie Larkin
    It is hard not to notice Ugg boots on the street, in fashion magazines, or even in world-wide gossip magazines. That is because rich and famous international celebrities have been photographed in them for the last couple of years.
  • How to Maintain Your Ugg Boots  By : Stephanie Larkin
    Every Ugg boot or footwear item is manufactured to meet the highest possible standards. Ugg boot quality is a result of a long history of dedication, workmanship and attention to details. Therefore, any upkeep for the attractiveness and life of Ugg Shoes-Australia boots is well worth it.
  • Trees That Can Withstand the Winter Cold  By : Ti Grant Eckert
    In the Interior of Alaska, the forests at this time of year show that few kinds of trees thrive here. The forests contain only a handful of families, white spruce, black spruce, poplar, birch, willow, with the odd tamarack or over-grown alder thicket providing scant variety. There was a little research on why so few tree types grow naturally in Alaska.
  • What Style of Shoes is Business Casual?  By : Megan Hazel
    Fridays at the office are considered business casual day. What does that exactly mean? Business is business and casual is casual so how do you combined the two styles? Friday is a dress down day so you know that business casual does not mean a suit but it does mean that you have look nice and neat but can be a little bit casual at the same time.
  • Tips for Maintaining Leather Shoes  By : Megan Hazel
    One of the best investments you can make is on quality leather shoes. The only catch is that you must take care of those shoes religiously. A quality pair of shoes will last you a lifetime with proper care and maintenance. Also, the products you use on your leather footwear do not have to cost more than the price of the shoes. There are a number of tips to help you maintain those leather shoes so they will not only last longer, but will maintain a great look.
  • Quality Shoes-what traits to look for  By : Megan Hazel
    Ben Franklin probably didn't say "show me a grumpy man and I'll show you a man with bad shoes", but he should have. They say that shoes make the man, and they're right on that one in more ways than one. Good, quality shoes do more than make you look good - they make you feel good.
  • Advantages to Online Casino Gambling  By : Linda Hitmerstein
    There are many reasons a person would want to gamble in an online casino rather then in a land based casino. Here are just a few of those reasons.
  • Tips for Choosing the Best Walking Shoe  By : Megan Hazel
    There are many aspects of a shoe that can determine whether it will be comfortable for walking. Most people simply slip it on while in a shoe store and perhaps spend a minute walking back and forth on the carpeted floor. They may guess how the shoe will feel with a different pair of socks, or how much the shoe may "give", but this is the extent of analyzing the shoe's comfort.
  • Exercise Tips for Walking off your Weight  By : Megan Hazel
    There is so much information about how to lose weight that most people are confused. When folks decide to count calories and have structured exercise programs, they realize these plans aren't easily carried out and they fall back into old habits.
  • Casual Walking Shoes-A Comfortable Fashion Statement  By : Megan Hazel
    Quite often, most women and some men believe that comfortable shoes are not synonymous with fashion. Mephisto Shoes can prove them wrong. With almost 200 styles in their line, a shopper will actually find it difficult to choose the one they like the most! That is because Mephisto spends as much time on the look of the shoe as on the ergonomic design of it.
  • Which Kind of Women's Boots Are Right for You  By : Craig Elliott
    It really is hard to go wrong with any choice in a boot. The boot itself is designed to fit every woman. A personal preference may be the determining factor in the style you ultimately choose. The kind of boots that is available to women today range in casual, sophisticated, fashionable, and practical styles. Although many companies have tried, none can really compare to Clarks Shoes. Clark Shoes have been manufacturing shoes and boots for over 179 years, and continue to lead the way in quality
  • How to Choose the Correct Boot Length  By : Stephanie Larkin
    With the many lengths available in a boot, it can be hard to know which length to wear with what. You can purchase an ankle length boot, which is about 5-6" in height, a three-quarter length which is about 8-9"in height, or a full length boot that can range from 12-16 inches tall.
  • A Brief History of Clarks Shoes  By : Megan Hazel
    A family business for over 179 years, Clarks Shoes has led the way in shoe manufacturing, becoming one of the leading brands of shoes in the world. The success of Clarks Shoes can be attributed to the family behind the company. They have been, and are still to this day, committed to producing a high quality product for every man
  • How to Maintain Your Dress Shoes  By : Craig Elliott
    It is no secret that hunting for that "perfect" pair of shoes is a favorite hobby of millions of women. Shopping for shoes has been an outing that women have planned entire weekends around. For many women, nothing quite compares to the excitement of wandering into the shoe department. Some women have even been known to feel faint when unexpectedly happening upon just the right shade of plum, labeled Aubergine Magic which they have been searching for the past three months.
  • How to Choose a Women's Dress Shoe  By : Craig Elliott
    There is something about shoes that turns a woman's head. Simply mention the words "shoe shopping" in a group of women, stand back and watch the excitement. Generally speaking, shoes serve a specific purpose: to house and protect the foot. However, women seem to have a special bond with shoes that elevates them from a fundamental dressing accessory to a much higher level.
  • Women's Dress Shoe Trends  By : Craig Elliott
    Since the invention of the shoe, which one imagines was created more out of necessity than fashion, nothing else has been developed which can quite match its role as the quintessential wardrobe accessory. Gone are the days when styles and trends were unheard of concepts that were far outweighed by simple day-to-day survival. Thank goodness! The shoe now stands as one of the leading pieces of apparel in the fashion world.
  • How MBT Shoes Help Your Body  By : Craig Elliott
    If you're looking for the latest and greatest addition to your personal health collection, take a look at MBT shoes. MBT or Masai Barefoot Technology is helping users walk and run more naturally, while also providing a number of other health benefits. When your body is aligned properly, you feel more energy in each step - and these shoes seem to be leading the way to a better life.
  • The Science of MBT Shoes  By : Craig Elliott
    Science has certainly produced some amazing things in our lifetime. We've not only found successful treatments for cancers, vaccines for diseases, and decent anti aging skin creams, but we're also looking at the way we walk in order to improve our health and fitness. Most of us simply take walking for granted, thinking that every step we take is simply just another step in the direction we want to go. But what if you could do more with each step? That’s what MBT shoes are striving to answer.
  • Birkenstock Sandals - Standing the Test of Time  By : Craig Elliott
    While most people associate Birkenstock sandals with the hippie movement of the sixties, there is much more to remember about these well-designed shoes. Though they are made from natural materials and are crafted to last a long time, these are not just qualities that "flower children" can appreciate. In fact, Birkenstocks have been around a lot longer than the hippie movement ever was. Here's what you need to know.
  • Women's Boots and Fashion  By : Grant Eckert
    As with much of fashion, footwear is an ever changing part of style. Not only is it moving from one trend to the next, but it is also changing in relation to the clothing that is being produced - the foot needs to match the outfit, no? However, even with all of these changes and trends, women's boots seem to be one style that isn't walking away.
  • Finding Sandals for the Outdoor Enthusiast  By : Grant Eckert
    When you're headed to the great outdoors, you need the right footwear. But when it's hot and sticky out, those boots just don't seem to be the right fit. Shoe companies and outdoor retailers have answered your calls for comfortable and practical footwear by introducing sandals for the outdoor enthusiast. While also being comfortable and sturdy, these sandals look as good as they feel.
  • Nude Sandals Listings Pulled By Ebay!!  By : David Watkins
    This article is in response to a recent dispute between David and Ebay regarding the listing of his Nude, Topless, Sticky Sandals that resulted in his listings being removed for alleged Ebay policy infringements.

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