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  • 50 Plus Community for Baby Boomers Generation  By : Brain
    Relationships can be complicated, no matter what your age or status. If you are a baby boomer and back in the dating scene after a period of time, relationships can be somewhat puzzling
  • Bird Flu Protection  By : jaiprakash sharma
    Bird flu protection could be as simple as bowing instead of shaking hands.

    Japan never suffered an outbreak of SARS despite being surrounded by countries where outbreaks occurred.

    The most likely reason is that viruses like SARS and the bird flu are most commonly passed through hand to hand contact and in Japan it's more common to bow than shake hands.

    Hand hygiene is also promoted heavily in kindergarten and schools across Japan
  • Mitigating the Effects Divorce Has on Children  By : jameswalsh
    Marriage is an ancient, wonderful and very important institution which gives social, moral and legal sanctity to the living together of a man and woman as husband and wife under one roof for the rest of their lives.
  • How to keep your love alive?  By : jaiprakash sharma
    I believe that finding, sustaining, growing, and enjoying satisfying relationships is one of greatest joys and challenges we have as human beings. We have generally been blessed with a tremendous desire to love and be loved; to listen and be listened to; to take care of and accept care from others. And yet meaningful, sustainable relationships often elude us especially as it applies to the opposite sex.

    Here are some things Ive learned in my walk through life - as a divorced single mom, wi
  • Benefits of Cloth Vs Disposable Training Pants  By : Rob Parker
    Even when it comes to traiining pants there is much to be said for sticking with cloth over disposable.
  • Majamas Nursing And Maternity Clothes  By : mariojhon12
    Majamas Nursing And Maternity Clothes.
  • Huffing canned air dangers  By : corinneb
    This is a story about the act of huffing that are teenagers are exploring and dying from. Canned air is dangerous
  • Where To Take Your Kids When They Say "Mom I'm Bored!"  By : Ti Megan Hazel
    How many times have you heard your ten year old exclaim this on a Saturday afternoon, only to follow you around while you tried to do laundry or iron or cook dinner? Children may expect you to be their entertainment committee, but there are things you can do to keep them entertained for hours without eating up your entire Saturday or Sunday afternoon in the process.
  • The Terrible Twos - How to Stay Sane When Your Child Is Not  By : Ti Megan Hazel
    If you have a little one who is anywhere between the ages of two and four, some days can seem like they last forty eight hours instead of twenty four. If you are the proud mother of a little girl this age, the only word in her vocabulary may be "No." If you try and counter her "no's" with "yes's", she may emit sounds so shrill your ears will bleed.
  • Prevent School Violence  By : Mario Palias
    Helping keep kids safe should be your top priority. Why not start with some of the simpler things in life to help them such as keeping them in a program and having open communication with them.
  • Your Baby And Teething  By : Simone Butler
    Teething can be a testing time for both baby and parent. This article provides information on what's involved, and gives some tips on how to make it more comfortable for your child.
  • Dealing With The Stress Of Being A Parent  By : Simone Butler
    Parenting can be a stressful experience at times, and you might not have the chance to indulge in traditional stress-busting activities because you need to look after your children. There are, however, plenty of ways you can reduce your stress levels with activities that actively involve your kids.
  • An Introduction to Baby Car Seats  By : Simone Butler
    A properly fitted car seat is essential for keeping your baby or toddler safe while travelling, but buying one for the first time can seem complicated. This article gives a brief overview of what you'll need to know.

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