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  • How Do You Define Winning?  By : Cindy Floyd
    Have you ever thought about what the word winning means to you? What does it mean to have won in your home business? How you feel about that word and how you define it can tell a lot about who you are and whether you can become successful in a home business. Review these 5 definitions and see where you stand. Are you a Winner?
  • Mark Anastasi Interview .  By :
    Mark Anastasi is a walking, talking, self improvement dynamo and his entrepreneurial journey has been a fascinating one.

    He is the kind of guy that is only too willing to share his knowledge and experience for the benefit of those around him.
  • Dry Ice Blasting….. A Boon for the Food Industry  By : Andrew Getz
    Cleaning methods like sandblasting or wire brushes are passé now. With the advent of dry ice blasting, food industries have found a new and eco-friendly way of cleaning equipments. Read on to know why dry ice cleaning is considered superior to other methods and how it helps companies to reduce production downtime and overall cost….
  • Have a Great Idea For An Invention? Protect Your Idea Now!  By : William J. Lund
    If you’ve got that great once-in-a-lifetime idea, take some steps to protect it. In the U.S. it’s the first one to think of an idea, not the first to patent. So protect it today, someone else could think of it tomorrow…
  • Discover the Amazing Story of the Creative Card Clips, a Failed Invention  By : William J. Lund
    This is a story about my experiences with creating a simple invention. A children's toy in this case, prototyping it, patenting it, getting it manufactured, and attempting to market it. We never actually sold enough product to turn a profit.
  • Important Tax Information For Independent Contractors  By : Stephanie Larkin
    Being your own boss is certainly rewarding, but few people think about the extra work of preparing invoices and tax forms. Independent contractors need to be aware that being independent of the client company is a special tax situation, and they will need to file differently with Internal Revenue Service than they might have in the past.
  • Woman business loans: Establish your own business house  By : Barry Jones
    Avail the opportunity of finalizing your business plans efficiently with woman business loans.
  • Benefits of Dry Ice Blasting  By : Andrew Getz
    Dry ice blasting, which is fast replacing traditional cleaning methods particularly in automotive, aviation, power, plastics and other such industries, offer some unique benefits. For instance, it consumes much less time, is a more thorough cleaning process, cuts down possibilities of damaging the equipment to almost nil and so on.

    Read on to find out why dry ice blasting is becoming the choice of a cross-section of industries.
  • Pre-Money vs. Post-Money Valuation & Raising Capital for Your Business – How Long Does it Take?  By : Parveen Kumar
    When a company decides that it must raise capital, a key question that must be answered is how much the company is worth. For example, if the business needs $500,000 to get started and/or grow, how much of the equity in that company should $500,000 command? Once this question is answered, the company will go out and try to find investors. When doing so, a key question often arises as to whether the valuation is “pre-money” or “post-money.”
  • Do you have a Business Idea?  By : Sudhir.k.Pandit
    Every year tens of thousands of people strike out on their own with a vision of starting a successful business. They have the idea, they've got the plan…all they need now is to take the actions to turn their dream into reality.
  • Science Perfects More Painful Pain  By : Michael Gravette
    Science is wonderful, but how can it help you defeat the real life monsters you might encounter?
  • How to Start a Magazine  By : Craig Elliott
    Dreams of becoming a magazine mogul and schmoozing with the other big wigs in the publishing and entertainment world have motivated many people to start their own magazine. Writers looking for an outlet for their work, or a person with a unique hobby or interest may take this option. Often, someone spots a niche that is not covered in their geographic area and decides to address it by starting a magazine of their own.

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