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  • Software companies Bank on Search Engine Optimization to Increase Sales  By : Brian Peterson
    A recent survey by MarketingSherpa found that percentage of prospects reaching out to the software companies for their respective need is greater than the companies finding the prospects. This sends an important signal to the software industry to optimize their website content for search engines. The most optimized content, the more traffic it will generate.
  • 10 Best Tips to Write Effective Emails  By : Ankur
    Here are some tips for writing email responses that are both thorough and appropriate
  • Email Laws That Could Bring You to Jail  By : razia khanam1
    First things first, I'm not a legal expert and so this article DOES NOT represent any legal or professional information and nor can I guarantee its accuracy. I only wrote this article to introduce you to these email laws that might affect us, email marketers.
  • How to Promote a Home Improvement Business  By : Steven Sellwood
    In summary, direct marketing methods provide great opportunities for home improvement businesses to identify and target relevant potential customers on an individual basis, without the interference of competitor's messages that you find with press advertising.
  • Email marketing trends  By : Jimmyforu
    Despite over flooded inboxes due to increased volume of spam, no marketer could ignore the value and importance of email in their overall marketing program. Following are some email marketing trends for this year:
  • Can You Really Use Articles To Build Your List?  By : Hans Luz
    How to use quality articles to build your opt-in list quickly.
  • How to defeat Email spam  By : Hans Luz
    Just about everyone goes trough the hassle of removing unnessecary spam messages in their inbox every day. Here are some steps that will help you to have a clean email address as long as possible.

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