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  • Camps: What’s New for Summer 2008  By : Beth Brody
    Summer camps can help children develop new interests, open their minds, choose a new direction, and make lifelong friends. With over 11,000 camps in the United States to choose from, how does a parent decide which is the right program for their child? Tips on Trips and Camps, a free camp advisory service, says that the summer camp industry has changed dramatically in the past few years and parents should learn about the different options in order to make a wise choice.
  • Trends in Teen Summer Programs  By : Beth Brody
    The teen summer program industry has become much more competitive over the past 15 years, says Tips on Trips and Camps, a free advisory service. Programs have begun to differentiate themselves by offering special programs for “tweens”, community service camp options, career-oriented internships, academic study programs, language programs combined with other interests, and gap year programming.

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