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  • Answer 4 Questions- Before Contacting a Book Agent  By : robin kumar
    Obtaining agency representation is your first step toward getting profitably published. Most publishers won’t even look at unsolicited manuscripts.
  • Check these points before contacting a book agent.  By : Gurjeet Kaur
    Obtaining agency representation is your first step toward getting profitably published. Most publishers will not even look at unsolicited manuscripts.
    But, before approaching an agent to represent you, you should finalize the presentation of your book.
  • How to write book reviews for your target audience.  By : Gaurav Walia
    If you are burned out with writing how-to articles to promote your business then consider writing a book review. I recommend you write a review about a book you enjoyed that is related to your products or services. Your review, of course, will be capped off with your 5-6 line by line that includes your contact information and web site URL. Many of the article directories, e-zines and web sites that normally accept articles will accept book reviews too. In addition, you can find and submit to the
  • How To Write A Book, 4 Simple Strategies  By : Bob Burnham
    Writing a book doesn't have to be complicated. The image of the frustrated writer sitting at their typewriter with piles of balled up paper at their feet is a myth. In fact, when you use a few simple strategies, writing a book can be accomplished quickly and professionally - no writer's block and no piles of balled up paper.
  • Write a Book, How To Change Your Life Dramatically  By : Bob Burnham
    Writing a book will change your life in ways you never thought possible. Whether your goal is to see your name in print, boost your existing business or start a new business, writing a book will add tremendous value to your life and open up opportunities you never dreamed possible. If you've ever considered becoming an author, here's just a sample of the wonderful things you can expect in your life.
  • Working adults earning their degree  By : Jim Mackey
    One word of caution: if you plan to earn an advanced degree from another college, make sure the credits from Suffield will be accepted by the other college.
  • Using the Internet to find a college  By : Jim Mackey
    In this article, we'll take a closer look at the benefits of using a school finder.
  • Using A College Search To Find The Right Match  By : Jim Mackey
    Even better, you can conduct these searches online from the comfort of your home.
  • The road to earning your high school diploma  By : Jim Mackey
    In the end, you may find that earning your high school diploma opens several doors of opportunity for you.
  • Simple steps to win a scholarship  By : Jim Mackey
    Go slowly, be methodical and a scholarship may be just around the corner.
  • Understanding the GED Exam  By : Jim Mackey
    To earn your GED, you'll need to commit some time and effort to learning the material well enough to pass the tests. But, it's an investment that can pay dividends for the rest of your life.
  • Book Marketing - Top 10 Tips For Guaranteed Success  By : Bob Burnham
    Now what? Once your book is written and published what on earth are you going to do to get it into the hands of readers? Book marketing is often the stumbling stone for self publishers; however it can actually be one of the most enjoyable aspects of writing and publishing a book, because this is when the money starts coming in. Here are Ten Tips for guaranteed book marketing success.

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