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  • How to publish successfully  By : jaya chauhan
    The decision to publish a book is very exciting! It causes the creative juices to flow and the eyes to light up. But wait before you begin the publishing process, know about the seven most important steps you need to know before publishing your book. Make sure that you consider every step so that your road to success is an easy one:
  • Self Publishing A Book Is Inexpensive and Simple  By : Bob Burnham
    Ever wonder how busy business owners are able to publish book after book after book. I mean, do these people ever sleep? The truth is that yes, they do sleep and they also probably take more days off and more vacations than you imagine. How do they manage to publish so many books and still have free time? They know that self publishing is the answer and they know the secrets to making it fast, and easy.
  • Book Marketing - How Rich Authors Make Money  By : Bob Burnham
    What's the difference between a rich author and one that has to keep their day job? The answer...sales and marketing. Not just selling and marketing your book but using your book as a sales and marketing tool. When you are able to tap into the possibilities, your book can make you rich. Read more to learn how to use your book to generate tremendous profits.
  • Publishing A Book, 10 Money Saving Secrets  By : Bob Burnham
    One of the myths about self publishing is that it is expensive. The truth is, many self published authors have published for little or nothing out of pocket. That means every single cent earned is profit. Learn how to self publish for next to nothing, or even for free...
  • How To Publish A Book To Generate Sales Leads  By : Bob Burnham
    Owning and operating a business can be tremendously satisfying. You have the ability to work for yourself and make your own rules. One of the downsides to owning a business is the financial stress associated for being directly responsible for your own income. A 9-5 employee can to a certain degree count on that weekly paycheck, a business owner does not have that luxury. A business owner's success depends on their ability to make sales.
  • Self Publishing - How To Make A 6 Figure Income Writing a Book  By : Bob Burnham
    Writing a book is a fantastic way to increase your current income or even set you up to retire early - seriously. Many famous people and well known business owners got where they are today because they wrote and published a book. Learn how to grab your riches by taking this first step.
  • How do I Register a Domain Name?  By : Rob Parker
    When it comes to having a site on the web you have to register your domain name first.
  • How To Write And Publish A Book, 7 Sure Fire Winning Strategies  By : Bob Burnham
    Wanting to write and publish a book and actually doing it are two very different things. Most people want to write and publish a book but very few ever actually do. Here are 7 sure fire strategies to help you get into the elite group of published authors.
  • Book Publishing, Why Rich Authors Self Publish  By : Bob Burnham
    Would you rather...write a book and give it to someone else to sell who will take 85% of the profits Or Write a book and make 100% of the profits using the same tools to sell your book as a mainstream publisher. Broke authors can make money from traditional publishing royalties but the chances of getting rich are almost the same chances as winning a lottery.
  • How to Publish a Book, Top 3 Money Saving Tips  By : Bob Burnham
    The initial outlay of cash when you are self-publishing can feel overwhelming. All those doubts begin to sneak in. "What if I do not sell enough books to cover my costs?" is a common fear. This is a reasonable fear if you are self publishing for the first time which is why we have provided three great money saving tips, you know, just to get you on solid ground before your book begins to make millions.
  • Become An Author - How Rich Authors Make Their Fortunes  By : Bob Burnham
    There are literally thousands of published authors. The difference between the rich ones and the broke ones is literally how they play the game. Here are three key factors that differentiate rich authors from the broke ones.
  • Make Money Writing - How To Sell Your Information For Big Profits  By : Bob Burnham
    The first step to reach great profits is to write a book. The second step to reach great profits is to publish your book. Find 4 more simple to implement strategies in this article on how to sell your information for big profits.
  • Publishing A Book, 7 Simple Strategies For Self Publishing Success  By : Bob Burnham
    Self publishing can feel like an overwhelming concept for the first time author, however with a little education and a publishing strategy, you will likely find that writing your book was the hard part, getting it published is easy. In this article you will find 7 simple strategies for self publishing success.

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